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The LUX- Body Kit

Sale price$297.00

The Ultimate Pack for Your Cosmetic Surgery Journey

We created this kit for clients having body work!  

If the other kits do not meet your needs, the Body Work kit applies to you.This is for surgeries below the neck, and may include:

lipo, fat transfer, orthopedic surgery, body lift, brachioplasty, etc . 

Your Kit Includes:

  • 1-Week FREE Pre-Op Meal Guide
  • 2-Week Customized Post-Op Meal Plan
  • 2 Before + After Vitals, NutriSurgical Supplement
  • FREE Travel Blender
  • BONUS recipes, Mocktails, Nightcaps, Desserts 
  • Over $200 in savings!

Revolutionize your pre- and post-cosmetic surgery journey with Sulinu’s All-in-One Starter Kit. Designed exclusively for your transformational cosmetic surgery, this nutritional system combines medical insight with culinary flair for those who understand food is medicine but shouldn’t have to taste like it. 

The LUX- Body  Kit
The LUX- Body Kit Sale price$297.00

Your All-In-One Kit Details:


Ideally starting 3 weeks in advance of your surgery, this guide helps you prepare your body for the big day with recipes that elevate your nutrition game.

High-Octane Breakfast Recipes: Kickstart your day with a powerhouse of nutrients.

Lunches Recipes: Savor dishes that factor in foods to avoid that can cause unwelcomed complications.

Dinner Formula: A balanced formula to follow for easy meal planning

Snacks + Mocktails: Supercharge your body’s natural healing prowess with yummy extras.

Anxiety-Calming Concoctions: Keep pre-surgery jitters at bay with our soothing recipes.


Two full weeks of recipes tailored to address the unique concerns of your cosmetic procedure. 

  • Quick & Easy Recipes: Delicious, recovery-focused meals ready in 30 minutes or less. 
  • Snacks + Mocktails: Tasty extras to help keep your system and cravings in check.
  • Customized Nutritional Focus: Each meal is a building block towards healing, designed to tackle post-surgery challenges like bruising, inflammation, nausea, constipation and scar management.
  • Prep-Ahead Hacks: Suggestions for freezing or refrigerating in advance to preserve energy stores
  • Shopping Lists: Measured ingredient lists and a one-stop Amazon shop take the guesswork out of your grocery runs.

3) BEFORE + AFTER VITALS: Cosmetic Surgery Support Dietary Supplement

The absolute best way to optimize your healing journey, our All-In-One Starter Kit provides you with everything you need to succeed. One little scoop of this vanilla-flavored supplement serves as your protein powder, vitamins, minerals, pre- and probiotics. Stir into fruit-flavored waters, blend into smoothies, or whip up with a culinary creation, the flavor options are endless. Our Meal Plans also provide foolproof ways to incorporate this delicious vanilla-flavored powdered supplement into your diet.

  • Gut + Immunity Focus: Gentle-on-the-stomach, it’s formulated to easily digest lots of nutrients and prepare your biome for receiving the nutrition.
  • 5 Patented Ingredients: Clinically proven to help you accelerate healing and avoid complications like infection and accelerate bruise and incision healing. 
  • Cost-Effective + Safe: Our all-in-one solution replaces the need for multiple supplements, saving you from ingredients that counteract one another, senseless mega-dosing and overspending.
  • Optimized Nutrient Absorption: Experience the full benefit of every nutrient with our bioavailability-focused ingredients.


FREE Personal Blender: Whip up your favorite Before + After Mix on the go

Plus, you can add a Printed and Bound Meal Plan (with download purchase) - $47