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Heal to Reveal

A Beautiful Cosmetic Surgery Recovery begins with our NutriSurgical Vitamin Powder and Dietitian Curated Meal Plans.

Before + After Vitals, Cosmetic Surgery Vitamin Powder

Imagine combining your probiotic, collagen, protein, antioxidants and minerals, into a little scoop of powder formulated specifically for cosmetic procedures. 
We did it.

Cosmetic Surgery Meal Plans

There’s a huge lack of
safe pre-and post-op nutrition
resources available for patients.
Not anymore.

“You deserve to be put in your best position for cosmetic surgery. Sulinu gives you all the nutritional 
tools you need to optimize healing.” —Kylie Bensley, MS, RD Sulinu Founder

* Nourishing Dietary Supplement
* Pre-Surgery Meal Guide
* Post-Surgical Meal Plans
* Educational Content
* MD-Reviewed Blogs



NutriSurgical Vitamin Powder and Dietitian Curated Meal Plans

Minimize Swelling†

Alleviate Bruising†

Enhance Wound Healing†

"My surgeon said my scar looks SO good!"


"Thank you. My incision looks great. I love Sulinu and how great it tastes!"


"I had tried EVERYTHING. The only thing that healed this was SULINU!"


" My breast lines are nearly invisible."


I used Sulinu for my latest revision. Thank you for adding breast cancer reconstruction to your list!

Betty, 3x Cancer Survivor

Searching for a surgeon-backed way to truly give you less downtime?

Worried that you will eat the wrong foods before surgery?

Wondering what are the best supplements to heal?

1. Choose Your Surgery Kit

Includes PreSurgery Meal Guide, Surgery Vitamin Powder, and Post Surgery Meal Plan

2. Use Daily

Our Kits are Dietitian Curated and Surgeon Backed.

3. Heal Safer. Stronger.

Studies show using strategic surgical nutrition gives you the absolute best results.

Scoop. Mix. Heal.


Your collagen, protein powder, antioxidants and vitamins mixed into one!

  • 19 vitamins + minerals
  • 5 grams of collagen
  • 19+ grams of total protein
  • Vegetarian formula
  • Only 1 gram of sugar
  • 100 nutrient-rich calories
  • Delicious vanilla flavor


to a smoothie and culinary creations, or simply stir into juice or a cold morning brew for a tasty dose of nutrients on the go.

Make it a full meal replacement, by adding just 100 calories 
in fruit, seeds, dairy or nut milk.


Use ice and cold liquid for the smoothest, creamiest consistency.


Our whey protein isolate is vegetarian and low-lactose
 as the result of an extra process to remove the majority of lactose and fat for quicker absorption and easier digestion.

Patients who use pre-surgery nutrition*

40% Less Likely to Get Infections

30% Less Likely to Experience Other Complications

Went Home Sooner Following Surgery

*Zhong J-X,Kang K,Shu X-L.Effect of nutritional support on clinical outcomes in perioperative malnourished patients

“Cosmetic procedures involve real risk that's often downplayed. Sulinu uses clinically proven ingredients to help you get results that look 'beautiful' not 'botched.'"




We use clinically tested patented ingredients backed by results.


Many supplements don’t use high enough doses of powerful ingredients to be clinically effective, we do.

Equal care for elective surgeries

Just because your surgery might be elective, doesn’t mean what your body needs to heal is any less important.

BODY OF EVIDENCE: The Science Behind Sulinu Nutrition

Discover the truth behind inflammation, bruising, 
slow incision healing, constipation and more…

Our Science

“Sulinu doesn't just meet the criteria for a comprehensive recovery support supplement; it delivers an all-encompassing solution that can make a significant difference in the healing process”

Dr. Heather Flexer, DPT, CWS Certified Wound Specialist

“Before + After vitals offers more patented ingredients backed by clinical studies than anything else on the market. The results I have seen have been incredible. Highly recommend it.”

Dr. Brian Arslanian, Double Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

“Very few people provide the amazing information that you do!”

Dr. Andre Marshall, Double Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

"Intelligently crafted meal plans are exactly what patients deserve for plastic surgery. This takes surgery recovery to a higher standard."

Dr. Dana Olszewski, Board Certified Surgeon

want to work with Sulinu?

Kylie works with surgeons and wound therapists to implement Sulinu’s Better Body Protocol within their clinics on a limited basis.

Contact us for more information.

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