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Article: Copycat Egg + Cheese Protein Box

Copycat Egg + Cheese Protein Box

400 cals, 18 grams protein 

1 mini bagel or muesli bread, any flavor 

1/2 apple, sliced

mini orange, peeled (or any fruit)

1 slices of cheese

1 egg, boiled

2 tablespoons unsalted nut butter 

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15 Minute Loaded Tostada

15 Minute Loaded Tostada

400 cals/28 grams protein / 1 tostada  1 pound of ground chicken or beef 1 can of unsalted Pinto beans, drained  1 package tostadas OR taco shells 2 avocados, sliced  1 cup shredded lettuce 1 cup p...

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Greek Inspo Protein  Box

Greek Inspo Protein Box

~450 cals/20 grams protein 1 slice of cheese, any flavor  1/2 cup tzatziki sauce  1/2 cup bell peppers 1/2 cup cucumbers  1/4 cup almonds  8 crackers    

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