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A Note from Kylie, Sulinu Founder and CEO

I can’t wait to help you achieve your goals and experience an ideal recovery after your plastic surgery. As a Clinical Dietitian, with a Master of Science degree in Nutrition, I’ve seen thousands of patients recover from surgery. I spent over a decade working in Boston and Cambridge, Massachusetts at post-surgical centers, as well as advised wound therapists and surgeons across the globe in treating infections and slow-to-heal patients. 

Sulinu stemmed from my own frustrations in giving patients the tools they needed to succeed. Solutions often required prescribing multiple vitamins to augment protein powders, which not only proved costly for the patient, these supplements often proved ineffective because dosages were either too much or too little, and were not paired with ingredients that helped make these vitamins bioavailable (i.e. easy to absorb and utilize). 

The second issue was that patients’ gut biomes were often so out of whack that they couldn’t absorb even the best of formulas. (That on top of not consuming the right nutrients to bolster healing.) This required another batch of bottles to add to their medicine cabinets. It was all too much and I just wanted to find an easy, one-step solution that addressed all of these needs without all of this ridiculous vitamin stacking. 

It’s taken me over four years, 12 flavor iterations, endless reviews by surgeons, and countless sleepless nights mulling over exactly the right mix of ingredients – using patented ingredients at clinically effective levels to ensure purity and potency – but this first-of-its-kind solution is finally here. Before + After Vitals dietary supplement, along with a 3-week pre-op meal guide and collection of 2-week meal plans will empower you to prepare your body to recovery beautifully from your cosmetic procedure.